Do a safety check before climbing ladder. (Contributed)

Do a safety check before climbing ladder. (Contributed)

Take a few safety steps before climbing that ladder

WorkSafeBC offers advice if you’re stringing lights in Maple Ridge

You can find yourself at the top of a ladder at any time of year, for any reason, though at Christmas, there could be a greater chance.

To keep everyone safe, WorkSafeBC is sending out a reminder about how to safely climb those steps.

First, make sure you have the proper ladder and ensure that it’s long enough to extend a metre above the upper landing point.

As well, make sure you inspect the ladder to make sure it’s in good condition while also ensuring you put the ladder on a firm, level footing.

When you’re ready to start climbing, use slip-proof footwear and don’t carry heavy or bulky items up and down the ladder.

And always make sure you have three points of contact on the ladder, two feet and one hand, or vice versa.

The rough wintery weather also should be considered. Account for rain, wind and snow and watch out for powerlines, ensuring there are at least three metres between the ladder and any line, at all times.

Last year, there were 1,138 accepted work claims as a result of falls from ladders in B.C.

“Falls from ladders are a common source of injury in B.C., particularly at this time of year when winter weather conditions pose hazards,” said Barry Nakahara, with WorkSafeBC.

“Everyone can reduce the risk of injury by choosing the right ladder for the job, ensuring it’s in good working condition, and taking the time to set it up and use safely.”

“Stay safe this holiday season. Before putting up holiday lights and decorations at heights, think about ladder safety,” he said.

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