Tax deadline coming

You’ve got until July 4 to pay municipal taxes in Maple Ridge, and if you want you can do that in person between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., or up until 8 p.m., every Thursday this month.

You can also use a drop box inside municipal hall and just leave your cheque there, along with a completed Home Owner Grant application.

You can also mail in your property tax cheque, along with a completed Home Owner Grant application to: District of Maple Ridge, 11995 Haney Place, Maple Ridge, B.C., V2X 6A9.

Keep in mind though, Canada Post employees are in a position to go on strike and if your payment is late, a five-per-cent penalty will be added to the outstanding taxes, with a further five-per-cent penalty applied at midnight Sept. 2.

If neither works, you can pay your taxes at your bank or credit union, either at the teller or online, or over the phone. Applying online for the Home Owner Grant will also ensure you don’t have to leave your home.

Probably the best way is to prepay your taxes throughout the year using the pre-authorized withdrawal system. The system has been set up for homeowners who don’t pay their taxes with their mortgage and has the money withdrawn from your account in 10 equal payments.

People who are having tough times have two possible means of deferring their taxes, one open to homeowners 55 years and older and the other for families with children.