Three words to remember if big one hits

Maple Ridge joining rest of the province in the Great British Columbia Shakeout, Thursday, Oct. 18.

Drop. Cover. Hold On. And maybe hope.

If you can remember at least those first three words and practise them if or when the time comes, you’ll have a better chance of surviving the big earthquake that will hit the Lower Mainland at some point.

To reinforce the message, Maple Ridge district is joining with the rest of the province in the Great British Columbia Shakeout, Thursday, Oct. 18.

The time for the drill is exactly 10:18 a.m. when millions of people around the world will be doing the same thing to prepare for an earthquake. They’ll be dropping to the ground, taking cover under table or desk and holding on for a minute.

“The exercise is pretty straightforward. The goal is to teach everyone to ‘Drop, Cover and Hold On’ during an earthquake,” said Mayor Ernie Daykin.

He added the district is trying to get out the latest information about preparing for a quake. One simple task can be just looking around your home or office and ensuring there are no dangers from falling items.

Daykin said the district also is trying to encourage people get a 72-hour survival kit and has asked local home improvement stores to display items that would go into those kits.

“Families need to be self sufficient for a minimum of 72 hours,” said Barbara Morgan, Maple Ridge’s emergency social services director.

People also should have a “grab and go” kit.

• Businesses can register for the drill at the ShakeOut BC website:


Be prepared

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