Two teens plunge over lower falls in Gold Creek

Emergency responders have recovered body of one teen, searching for second in Golden Ears Provincial Park

Rescue crews have recovered one of the bodies of two teens swept away in the lower falls of Gold Creek Friday afternoon and are waiting for Saturday to start the search for the second teen.

The two 19-year-old males from Surrey and Delta went into the water about 2:30 p.m.

“They were with a group of friends and the friends actually saw them go down,” said Sgt. Dale Somerville with Ridge Meadows RCMP.

Three or four swift water rescuers from the Maple Ridge Fire Department along with two from Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue, found the body of one of the teens about 6 p.m., two kilometres downstream from the falls.

The location in Golden Ears Provincial Park is a treacherous one, especially during times of high water. Warm temperatures have melted snow from the peaks above, making streams run fast.

“Right now, the water level is so high we’re not putting anybody in the water. It’s just too dangerous,” said Rick Laing with Search and Rescue.

Usually it’s June before the snowmelt hits the streams in the annual freshet. “I didn’t anticipate this, this early in the season.”

Rescue crews have been to the location before, Laing added. “We’ve done several body recoveries out of there.”

By daylight, RCMP will re-assess the situation and could see their dive team deployed.

A command post has been set up in the parking lot near Alouette Lake.