The uprights on the field at Pitt Meadows secondary were vandalized on Friday. (Facebook/Special to The News)

The uprights on the field at Pitt Meadows secondary were vandalized on Friday. (Facebook/Special to The News)

Vandalism at Pitt Meadows secondary field being tallied

City working with RCMP to catch perpetrators

Field goals will be a little tougher to kick, after some vandalism at the Pitt Meadows secondary.

Social media blew up after a post that showed a photograph of the field goal uprights having been bent down and backward. There was also a description of tire tread marks on the turf, empty liquor bottles and garbage.

Parents were urged to inspect vehicles for signs of damage caused by having collided with the pole.

However, there was also a post that noted there had been numerous kids climbing on the uprights. Supported by an already arc-shaped pole, it could have bent down under the weight of the youths.

The field is owned and maintained by the city, and a spokesperson said city hall is still assessing the full extend of the damage and associated costs of repairs. Damage to the artificial turf does not appear serious.

“However, although the field has visible damage, this should not affect the long-term use or function of the playing surface,” said Jennifer Sundram. “A football upright (goalpost) was also bent and we are still determining if full or partial replacement will be required. The incident has been reported to the RCMP and we will be working closely with them during their investigation.

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“Vandalism to our parks and public spaces affects us all. We are asking the public to help prevent vandalism by educating young people about the costs of vandalism and letting them know that it is a crime. If you see anyone committing vandalism, report it to the police immediately. We all play a role in helping keeping our community safe.”

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