Walk around Maple Ridge lake took longer than planned

Search and rescue locates man lost in the woods in UBC Research Forest

Walk around Maple Ridge lake took longer than planned

An Ontario man had a wet welcome to the B.C. wilderness after getting lost in the rainforest Tuesday night.

But he made the right decision by staying where he was when his cellphone light dimmed and darkness fell.

The man was on a corporate retreat at Loon Lake Lodge and Retreat Centre in the UBC Research Forest in north Maple Ridge.

He decided to go for a short hike at about 4:30 p.m. around the lake and left without taking any supplies and not telling anyone else where he was going, said Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue.

Loon Lake staff started the search right away and search and rescue took over when they got to the scene. They started searching a new area and found a set of footprints that matched those of the missing man.

“Shortly after, a second team coming down from the north of the lake made voice contact with our subject,” said Search and Rescue on Facebook. “Two teams in the vicinity converged on their location and the subject, a little cold and tired, was walked out to a vehicle and driven back to base.”

Search and rescue said the man underestimated the time it would take to walk around Loon Lake. Searchers wrapped up their efforts at 2 a.m.