A young bear photographed in Maple Ridge. (Ross Davies/Special to The News)

A young bear photographed in Maple Ridge. (Ross Davies/Special to The News)

Young bear in Albion needs help to survive

Maple Ridge Bears asks public to remove attractants

The Maple Ridge Bears group is asking people in Albion to help keep a young bear from developing habits that could endanger his life.

“There’s a bear in Albion that needs everyone’s help. He’s young, he’s recently left his mother, and he’s learning how to navigate this world for the first time on his own,” reads a post by Leah Cooke on the Maple Ridge Bears Facebook page.

She goes on to ask that people take down bird feeders, and ensure all doors remain closed when people are not present. As always, keep garbage inaccessible, clean those barbecues, and keep pet food inside.

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“We had a fabulous group out tonight handing flyers door-to-door and educating the residents on how to help,” said Cooke.

“We are really hoping to be as proactive as possible for this little guy.”

Ross Davies of the Kanaka Education and Environmental Partnership Society is virtually on a first name basis with bears in that area. He said it is great for people to be on the lookout for this particular bear in Albion, but he believes this message applies to every neighbourhood in the city – especially those that neighbour green spaces.

“This is the time of year when moms disperse their cubs, and they’re trying to find their way,” he said.

Some young bears will need to learn not to come close to humans and their homes.

“People underestimate how intelligent these animals are – they remember every food source they find,” he said. “They have nothing else to do.”

In addition to avoiding leaving attractants like garbage and pet feed available, Davies said people should stay on trails – which bears know people use.

“Don’t go bushwhacking in places where bears don’t expect you to be,” he advised. “And if you

encounter a bear, give them separation – 100 meters or more.”

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