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228th Street is a great place for a grow up

Editor, The News:

I live in Maple Ridge and  I read an article in the local paper about a ‘legal’ grow op on 228th Street being busted into by armed men.

What if they had gotten the wrong address?

Although it was almost impossible to miss, with all the windows blacked out.

I have watched that  house grow for more than three years. How long has medical dope been allowed in Maple Ridge? Who controls how much they grow?

According to what I have read, it can’t be controlled because they don’t have information on where they are being set up.

Do you know how much money a grow op can make in a year? Where are our rights as homeowners, who pay property taxes to the district, to be informed or given a vote on having it in our neighbourhood?

Our property value depreciates because of these grow ops. People don’t want to buy a house knowing there is a grow op within a few houses, and with that comes more crime to your neighbourhood.

The one on 228th ships its product out to Alberta every couple months. We know this because you can find the trailer in the driveway with Alberta plates on it.

They are out there at 4 or 5 a.m., yelling and loading up their trailer.

My neighbour asked if I was growing dope because of the smell. It permeates our houses when they cut it down.

Our street is a great place to grow dope, apparently. Just the other day I looked out my window to see the cops and B.C. Hydro at another address. How much do we endure?

All us neighbours are thinking of putting up a sign telling people where it is being grown and that we don’t want it in our neighbourhood.

They only thing Maple Ridge has going for it these days are crack houses,  prostitutes and grow ops.

The district wont give us great shopping centres, but you can get all the drugs you want out here.

Kapri Gonzales

Maple Ridge