A little kindness goes a long way

Reader overwhelmed and plans to pay kind act forward

Editor, The News:

I was having a bad day, a very bad day that many of us have from time to time.

To ease my bad day, I went with my coworker to a local Japanese restaurant. Talking about my bad day turned a little tearful.

I don’t know if the lady next to us could hear our conversation, or if she just knew I was having a very bad day.  Either way, at the end of our meal, when it was time to pay the cheque and the lady beside us was gone, the server informed us that this lady, this stranger to both myself and my coworker, had generously paid our entire bill.

I was so overwhelmed I started to cry again.

So, to this lady, this kind lady, I say thank you for your generosity, and your caring. You made my bad day a little easier to bear.

And I will most certainly pay it forward.

Thank you so much.

Roberta Evans

Maple Ridge