A mall in Albion will be a boon to district

Editor, The News:

Re: SmartCentres pitches plan to councillors (The News, May 4).

I was delighted and hopeful to read Mayor Ernie Daykin and Couns. Mike Morden, Judy Dueck, Al Hogarth and Cheryl Ashlie had a meeting with SmartCentres development to discuss the Albion flats.

As I read further, I became dismayed, I found the mayor and council took this meeting out of courtesy and politeness.

The two councillors who were not courteous or polite were Craig Speirs and Linda King. Their collective ‘no’ vote is well known, instead they support saving farmland that has not been farmed in 100 years because it’s very wet and poor land, therefore can’t be farmed.  I am also sure Mr. Spiers has ALR on speed dial.

The citizens of Maple Ridge deserve more. We need shopping and jobs and, without question, tax relief.

Did you know Maple Ridge has had 10 consecutive tax increases of three to five per cent?

During that time frame we have seen very little commercial development to offer jobs and tax relief.

The only new commercial development was Coopers and the Liquor Barn on 240th, along with the New Westminster Credit Union on the Zellers site. How many new jobs were created?

What is council waiting for? SmartCentres owns the land. Likely more delay tactics like another useless and expensive charette, or should council follow the example of Pitt Meadows and move forward with proven business methods.

I suggest that all interested citizens have a look at the SmartCentres web site. This national shopping developer, with 185 malls built to date, has a strong presence in B.C.  You will be impressed in what you find.

SmartCentres is obviously very good in developing malls. I have full confidence a commercials development in Albion will be a boon to Maple Ridge. This will also keep more dollars in town while reducing commuting and CO2 emissions.

Jim Bulpit

Maple Ridge


Way cookie crumbles

Editor, The News:

Re: SmartCentres pitches plan to councillors (The News, May 4).

Mighty nice of the mayor and three council members to meet with SmartCentres and land owners out of “courtesy.”

Remember when the people from Thornhill were denied a delegation to council by some of the same council members? I guess we know which way the cookie crumbles.

Those with the money have more influence over council than we common citizens.

B. Rolls

Maple Ridge