A quarry on Blue Mountain, are you insane?

Maple Ridge teacher Zdena Novy will educate her students about the proposal for the Blue Mountain quarry

Editor, The News:

Re: Opposition to Blue Mtn. quarry (The News, Dec. 16).

I am ashamed of people and their behaviour.

How can anybody in their right mind propose a quarry on Blue Mountain?

Are people insane?

How can you explain to a child that pristine forest of Blue Mountain will be cut down in order to build a road to the quarry?

What will happen to the kids’ place for hiking and mountain biking?

Where will they play now?

What about wildlife?

Kids do love animals, you know.

Who is going to explain to them that the gravel road and the proposed access road will cause havoc to the environment of the red-legged frog, the coastal tailed frog and the Pacific water shrew, all of which are already designated as species at risk?

And what will happen to Kanaka Creek, Cooper Creek, and our wells?

I wish I had all the answers, but I don’t.

However, I know that I will educate my students about the proposal for the Blue Mountain quarry – the hot, current and local issue.

Zdena Novy

Grade 6/7 teacher

Whonnock elementary