A sad story, but vet inspires hope

Editor, The News:

Re: Abandoned puppy dies (The News, Feb. 9).

As sad as it was to read about Peanut, the day-old puppy who was abandoned and died, it was wonderful to hear again about Dr. Adrian Walton.

He cares so much for all the animals that come under his care. I have no doubt he did all he could to save the life of this pup.

Our family went through something similar two and a half years ago when our newly purchased Chihuahua puppy got extremely ill with coccidia at just 12 weeks old.

Dr. Walton  and his staff treated her at the clinic and when things looked bad he even  decided to take “Lily” home to keep a close eye on her condition and to cuddle her and keep her warm all night.

He even took the time to call us at 11:30 at night to let us know how she was doing. Things did not look good and we expected the worst.

When the call came in the morning, we got fantastic news. Dr. Walton, and his wife, had stayed up all night with Lily, and with his constant care and love, he was able to pull her though one of the worst cases of coccidia he had seen.

We are so grateful to all of his staff as well because the care continued at the clinic the next day as they all took turns carrying our Lily like a baby kangaroo in a pouch.

We were fortunate because today Lily is happy and healthy  thanks to Dr. Walton and his staff.

Thank you so much for caring and for your commitment to healing for all our little friends.

As sad as it is that Peanut did not make it, we know there will be others that will thanks to Dr. Walton and his wonderful staff.

Holly Richardson

Maple Ridge