A threat is a threat, no matter the medium

Editor, The News:

Re: Teen apologizes for role in riot (The News, June 22).

We are appalled at the treatment that the Kotylak family has received over Nathan’s involvement in the Vancouver riot.

If this family was an average family, or low income, do you think by any stretch of the imagination that the local press and the media would have made such a headline story about this?

Nathan made a bad mistake in judgement, that is a given, and he has admitted his involvement.

Yes, his parents came forward to give him their support – wouldn’t you if it was your son?

Why does that make them bad people?

To the lowlifes who have been making threats to this family, don’t forget that you too can be tracked through the same sources that have found out who so many of the people are who got carried away that sad night .

I believe it is a crime to make a threat no matter what the medium.

So that makes you all criminals, too.

Grow up.

G. and E. Day

Maple Ridge