Accounting for all that Pitt Meadows money

Are there that many fires here? What do all these people do?

Editor, The News:

Re: A call to freeze Pitt council salaries (The News, June 18).

I guess the taxpayers of Pitt Meadows should be happy to read that the mayor and council members are planning to reduce their expenses claims for traveling and attending meetings.

It is about time.

Joe Six Pack does not have these privileges; he pays for his own lunches and gas mileage when going to work.

Also, Canada Revenue would never allow these types of expense claims.

And thank you, as we have just found out that nine employees of the City of Pitt Meadows  are earning in excess of $100,000 a year, plus expenses.

I guess they are not complaining.

And two assistant fire chiefs? Two fire safety technicians? Are there that many fires in Pitt Meadows?

What do all these people do?

Also, what is a business analyst and a manager of legislative services. That  sounds all pretty high class for this tiny town.

Are nice, fat wages the reason that some property taxes have increased in excess of five per cent, while burning permits in Pitt Meadows are costing $90, whereas they are $25 in Maple Ridge.

Furthermore, why would any Metro director claim gas mileage when they are receiving $355 for attending meetings, which last less than four hours?

And how about getting paid $710  for attending meetings lasting over four hours?

Where can I find a job to receive this type of pay?

Expense claims for politicians and bureaucrats have long been a thorn in the average taxpayers’ side.

Conveniently, guidelines it seems, have never ever been established.

Well, it is high time that they are created.

We, the people and taxpayers, have to record and document every penny of expenses when filing our income tax.

Lance Felgnar

Pitt Meadows