All too often we blame the police

Editor, The News:

Re: Are we not allowed to defend ourselves? (Letters, April 8).

I shared the same feelings as letter writer Gregg Rogers when this story unfolded.

The fact that the (otherwise) law-abiding citizen is facing charges for defending himself and his safety is ridiculous,  especially when the would-be thieves are not being charged.

But I take one exception with this letter. To blame the police is not right.

There are more than 10,000 police officers who everyday take their lives and put them on the line in the noble defense of you and me and our property.

It is not them who decides the charges, it’s the Crown.

It’s not the police officers who hand down the sentences, it’s the judges.

And it’s not the police who make the laws, it’s the politicians.

So when we blame someone, don’t blame the police who work within the system created by everyone but them.

If change is really to take place, we need to focus our intent in the right areas rather than doing the easy thing and blaming police officers, as all to often happens.

Darren van Leeuwen

Maple Ridge


(Please note I am not affiliated at all with any police entity whatsoever.)