Another question for Coun. Ashlie

Maple Ridge resident Cheryl Baron has another question regarding Coun. Cheryl Ashlie's new job as constituency assistant for MLA Bing

Editor, The News:

Re: ‘Making an informed decision’ (Letters, Aug. 7).

I wish to thank Coun. Ashlie for her rather lengthy public response to my letter. She goes to great lengths to assure everyone that there is “nothing in law” that prohibits her from acting as campaign manager, taking this job with MLA Bing, and staying on as councillor for the District. That the “Constitution supports her right” to do so. That she’s “non-partisan”. That there is “no language in a collective agreement that prohibits a dual role”. That she “qualifies” for the role. And that “under conflict legislation”, she will make sure that she applies “due diligence”.

She’s done everything but answer the questions I asked. Let me ask her one more – I’m not sure why she brought up the NDP councilor in Port Coquitlam, but if he/she were to jump off the Golden Ears bridge, would she follow? Just because one other councilor in the province has made the same choice as she has, does that make it right? I think not. Me thinks Ms. Ashlie doth protest too much.

Cheryl Baron

Maple Ridge