Answer question from a ‘real person’

Editor, The News:

Re: Conservative candidate won’t be drawn into online battle (The News, April 15).

Heartened to read in your recent article a quote from Randy Kamp: “We answer questions we get from real people.”

I headed off to the all-candidates meet-and-greet to get an answer from Mr. Kamp about his position on government spending at the G20. Regarding the G20 so far, Mr. Kamp has stated that other official bodies would deal with the spending issue.  Since then, Mr. Kamp has heard calls from the following bodies, all demanding a parliamentary inquiry into G20 spending: Ontario Ombudsman; , Canadian Civil Liberties Association; Parliamentary Committee on Public Safety and Security. I wondered if Mr. Kamp hasn’t responded to these calls since these bodies aren’t ‘real people.’

Meeting Mr. Kamp in person should have answered that. When I went into the library, Mr. Kamp very warmly shook my hand, which I thought was nice. I reminded him that many believe that a key job for our MPs is to monitor how our tax dollars are actually spent.

I told him that I felt that he himself is responsible to support calls for an investigation as to how that $1.2 billion of our money was spent,  since he voted to spend it.

Mr. Kamp said, that’s stretching it. Then he left. I wonder why he left the meeting early?

Philip Gray

Maple Ridge