Are we not allowed to defend ourselves?

Editor, The News:

Re: Ranch shooting an ‘accident’ (The News, April 1).

“Man facing charges of careless discharge of a firearm.”

“Four men to be released without charges.”

The former defending against criminal activity, the latter caught red handed, committing said criminal activity.

What is wrong with this picture?

Ridge Meadows RCMP Supt. Dave Walsh says that “this type of thing should be left to the police.”


More to the point, are we allowed to defend ourselves?

If this is any example, then no.

According to the article, this was the second time these thieves came calling. I presume that the police were called the first time and since the thieves came calling again, one must infer that nothing much was done about the first break-in.

Logical presumption is that the police and/or the courts are unable to deal with even the most petty of crime, ergo, we the law abiding, tax paying, responsible citizens must now defend ourselves. Or can we, for when we do we face stronger penalties than the criminals.

Perhaps the police and the courts are afraid of losing their jobs if the citizenry choose to defend themselves rather than rely on a justice system that patently has proven itself inept, incompetent, and incapable of fulfilling the mandate given it.

That the police would state that they should be the ones to call for protection when you need it is laughable in the extreme.

If the criminal element began to fear Mr. and Mrs. Law Abiding Citizen, I think that this type of crime and the amount of incidences would diminish rapidly.

Gregg Rogers

Maple Ridge