B.C. political centre destroyed

Editor, The News:

Re: Out of order (News Views, Sept. 9).

Why Gordon Campbell does not deserve the honour of the Order of British Columbia, let me count the reasons.

As a political centrist, or what would in a proper world would be a Liberal, I find if not the first, but the one item that  Mr. Campbell has affected me the most negatively, his destruction of B.C.’s political centre.

Mr. Campbell literally hijacked the Liberal brand, in one of his many examples of deceit, because he recognized that, provincially, Conservatives could not be elected in B.C., so he  engineered one of his many political coup-de-tats and deposed Gordon Wilson a real Liberal, as leader of the B.C. Liberals, and managed to drag them to the ultra-right of the political spectrum, leaving B.C. with no political centre.

I can never forgive him for that particular deception as that will probably be the reality for the rest of my life.

All the rest, his DUI, lies, deception, breaking the laws, manipulations, arrogance, B.C. Rail, HST, and countless other abuses of power that we will probably not even find out about for years to come, are just more of the same and are to be expected of a man of Mr. Campbell’s elitist character, who considers himself above the laws and constraints of mere mortals.

The fact that he managed to be elected three times is a glaring testament to how undemocratic and antiquated our present electoral system is.

If people like Mr. Campbell do deserve the order of B.C. and are touted to be a positive role model for the people and children of B.C., I have to wonder of its significance or value at all, which is very sad because there are many that actually do credit to the honourable Order of B.C.

Wayne Clark

Maple Ridge