Ball players need to show respect

Letter writer responds to a promised crackdown on dogs running off leash

Editor, The News:

Re: Dog owners taxpayers, too (Letters, July 30).

I completely agree.

I understand that there are some irresponsible dog owners out there.

But what about those baseball players? The amount of litter they leave behind? Not to mention the amount of work that goes in to making the field sports ready;  then it is totally disrespected.

My nephew questioned about why they always drink alcohol longer than they practice.

And why are they allowed to drive through the park right up to the baseball diamond, even though there are many parking spots in the lot? Still, they insist on parking on the grass.

Not to mention the baseball players don’t want to walk to the washroom so they urinate on the bushes behind the baseball diamond.

This is disrespectful.

I have seen the dog bags that lazy people have thrown in the bushes and this does ruin it.

And there has been irresponsible dog owners who have ruined it for others.

But I think it is more important for everyone to respect others and the community where they live and to think about how their actions affect others.

But I am really surprised that nothing has been done about the baseball players that sit and have a party in a public place, then drive away after.

The police have been called about this; but the players were gone or hid their alcohol before the police arrived.

Isn’t the drinking a more serious offense?

I also saw one baseball team member pull his truck up along walkway and push a contract worker’s cart that was being used to change garbages.

How much more disrespectful can you be?

Maybe the player figured it was a homeless person’s cart, but that is besides the point.

It doesn’t matter who’s cart it was. It is just about respect and common courtesy.

Francine Bearpark

Maple Ridge