Bell to be commended

Editor, The News:

Re: Dalton recall ‘frivolous’ (Letters, March 16).

Corisa Bell is to be admired for her commitment to her political views. That the electorate is apathetic is obvious. Voters are also disenfranchised because there appears to be no, honest, go-the-distance politicians to vote for.

After several excruciating years of an NDP government – remember Bingogate (the skimming of money resulting in the resignation of Mike Harcourt), the fast ferries debacle (a result of the NDP’s lack of due diligence), Glen Clark’s sun-deck/casino episode. Currently Moe Sihota, remember him of legal woes, is president of the NDP.

But never fear, even if the recall fails, there’s a general election coming and the electorate might vote (there’s a concept worth remembering) the Liberals out and we can return to the NDP fold, along with HST, which isn’t going anywhere.

Based on the letters to the editor, the writers don’t even attempt historical revisionism as it’s impossible. They just ignore the past and hope the electorate will, too.

Mrs. Bell states she is non-partisan. As such, she should be commended even more for her dedication. I’d rather know her than any politician.

Cherryl Katnich

Maple Ridge