‘Beloved’ union structure

Most housing in B.C. is privately held: our astronomical housing costs are largely explained by supply and demand.

Editor, The News:

Re: Tired of B.C.’s taxpayer-funded propaganda (Letters,  Jan. 2).

I don’t like feel-good government advertising any more than letter-writer Jean Norris does, but she’s piling on the anti-Liberal rhetoric a little thick when she includes “the highest housing costs in Canada” in her list of taxes.

Most housing in B.C. is privately held: our astronomical housing costs are largely explained by supply and demand.

Similarly, the B.C. government is not “hiring workers from China for our mining and shipbuilding industries” because it doesn’t own mines or shipyards.

A past premier may have once imagined he was a shipping magnate and – ignoring expert advice – built two hugely-expensive fast ferries that turned out to be ill-suited to their intended purpose, but he was a New Democrat set on building up Norris’ beloved “union structure” at any cost. Now that’s “poor fiscal management.”

It’s a shame Jim Pattison didn’t offer Glen Clark a job before he became premier.

Kirk Brown

Maple Ridge