Better than just mediocre

As far as politicians are concerned, they never seem to learn.

Editor, The News:

Re: Show some appreciation (Letters, Dec. 12).

I prefer to think that in my life, I have learned from any past mistakes and have ultimately made the right choices.

As far as politicians are concerned, they never seem to learn. As altruistic as most people purport to be when entering office, before long they are all eventually drawn into the cesspool that is Canadian party politics.

Far from discouraging good and able people to run for political office, my statements are in fact meant to encourage those very types of individuals to run for office. I am referring to people on all sides of the political spectrum who have managed to pull themselves away from the influences of party politics and run as independents.

As surely as the rain comes in fall, our political system is becoming more and more like that of the U.S., where special interests control nearly every facet of American life. At least the Americans have had the good sense to put a limit as to how many terms their leaders may have in office before they are required to  leave office.

Alas, both provincially and federally, Canada has no limits.

Consequently, both federally and provincially, political leaders overstay their welcome, with the concomitant results of stagnation and corruption.

I feel that Canadians deserve better than mediocrity.

George Clarke

Maple Ridge