Beyond doors lies a group of misguided youth

Graduates don't what it's like at school now, we do

Editor, The News:

Re: Our youth are lost, misguided (Letters, Feb. 1).

I just read the The News letters section of.

The title that practically screamed towards me was “Our youth are lost, misguided.”

A week ago, I read the section that stated Westview secondary is not a bad school.

I am a 13-year-old girl attending my first year at Maple Ridge Secondary School. I think that Westview secondary is not the only bad school in School District No. 42, and I when I say that, I’m referring to my school, as well.

Beyond our doors lies a young, misguided group of people.

I may not have been attending this school for very long, but I feel strongly about the ongoing problems around me.

Not everyone my age is as dumb as we appear to be.

But to be honest, we don’t care what the graduated students have to say about it because they aren’t there right now, experiencing it.

Emily Brussow

Maple Ridge