Bike licenses better idea than bike lanes

Over taxation and salary compensation is driving the world and Maple Ridge to its knees

Editor, The News:

Re: Another tax hike for Maple Ridge (The News, Dec. 14).

As I voted for most of the present council members, I have the right to tell you the proposed budget really annoys me. Only 5.6 per cent increase, they say, forgetting it is compounded over many years of increases, making it a totally an excessive amount.

I see a line item for hundreds of thousands for bike lanes, on Lougheed Highway, yet. Who for? Not those sunglass wearing scruffs wheeling about on ‘borrowed’ bikes looking in parked cars and backyards for other things to borrow. These same riders who dart in and out of traffic on Dewdney Trunk like Howe Street messengers?

If you really feel you must spend that money, a better idea would be to license bicycles, and not only get a return on your investment, but stop the theft of children’s  bikes, as we’ve seen these big boys and girls hitting their chins on their knees as they peddle about.

Another expense listed is the repair of horse bridges. I thought that was the idea of horseback riding, going where no one else can, including wading through creeks. Where is that huge acclaimed equine-loving group that swore it could maintain its own paths?

Finally, look at that astounding municipal management salary slot. You’d think this council is practicing to move on to the board of directors for B.C. Ferries, renowned for extending huge compensations.

Over taxation and salary compensation is driving the world to its knees. Take some hard looks at what you are doing here.

Lorne Riding

Maple Ridge