Both new taxes are egregious abuses of power

Editor, The News:

Re: Dalton checking recall list (The News, April 15).

I find it odd that Elections B.C. will not allow recall organizers to know the totals and will not permit them equal access.

It strikes me that the only ones who should be entitled to review the ‘who signed’ portion are Elections B.C., whether or not that is what the law says now.

As for MLA Marc Dalton claiming that it is his right to inspect the documents, while that may be true in a legal sense, it does cause alarm.  Apparently he wants to know who signed against him.

Why would he want to know that?

At best, his actions beg the question and cloud his reputation here in Maple Ridge-Mission.

As for his HST propaganda and his ‘It is all an NDP plot’ propaganda – both are falsehoods and demonstrably so.

I have never voted NDP in my life.  I voted Liberal in the past four elections.  I canvassed for recall.

I got a small number of signatures because I was only out a short time, but of those I did ask, 83 per cent supported recalling Mr. Dalton.

I let them read the question very carefully, to ensure that they understood it, and they signed.

As for the HST and the carbon tax, both are egregious abuses of power by the Liberals.  The HST costs the average wage earner about $1,300 per year, while sparing the government’s corporate cronies $2 billion per year.

The carbon tax will never remove one molecule of carbon dioxide from the air.

All it does is further stress our economy at a very bad time.

Chris Ryan