Call a town hall meeting for adjudication

Editor, The News:

Re: Maple Ridge trying to take on big city attitude (Letters, May 4).

I wonder just how close M. Muscat is to the real truth behind the recent flurry of out-of-control bylaw office antics.

The letter writer describes the natural beauty of Maple Ridge and the disturbing behavior of council and the bylaw office today.

The letter goes on to describe a hidden agenda by the present council  to sneak in the aforementioned cash cow: the adjudication process.

Could this be responsible for what’s happening in Maple Ridge today?

I and hundreds of others believe so.

The recent poor handling of the so-called workshop on May 2nd speaks volumes once again that something is a foot to destroy our small town happiness in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

The 46 residents who showed up for the workshop were told they could not speak and were there only to observe.

What kind of workshop is that?

Armed with pink signs and written messages, these concerned citizens, many of whom took time away from work, sat through a humiliating demonstration of various RV and car tent bylaw infractions.

First up was a dark grainy representation of two RVs on neighboring driveways. The picture was taken at an unflattering angle, at the end of a street. The lawn and gardens of the second home, located on a large corner lot, were darkened and obliterated. Both units appear in the photos to be overhanging the street, which they are not.

Other examples of  RVs and car tents were also negatively displayed. The outcome of the meeting seemed to be more a step in a positive direction, promising to work with residents revising the bylaws in an upcoming workshop.

A few of the councilors went above and beyond in their support and stayed behind to shake hands and offer their compassion.

Now, once again, we find our council has deceived us. It has come to my attention that the words describing the intent for our inclusion in the talks has been removed from the minutes.

If council insists on a parental approach to governing us, then perhaps they should recognize that  good  parents listen to their children.

Should council be advocating the adjudication process for the enormous revenues and to appease the investment community at the expense of its citizens, who will be the unfortunate victims it will be foisted upon.

I would like to propose a good old fashioned town hall meeting on the topic of the adjudication process.

I would like to hear Liz Holitzki’s PowerPoint presentation and be allowed a PowerPoint presentation of our own on behalf of the citizens of Maple Ridge.

Susan Webb

Maple Ridge