Canadians need pension reform

Letter writer says seniors should live with dignity and should not have to skip meals to pay for basic needs.

Editor, The News:

Re: Seniors told, pay more or move (The News, May 16).

My dad used to say: “When the Conservatives are in power, the people suffer.”

I feel his statement still applies today.

Seniors being forced out of their homes is just one more example that pension reform is desperately needed in Canada.

I feel the reason pensions were established in the first place is because at no time in history were people (average working folks) able to financially acquire enough wealth to sustain them in their golden years.

Only the one per cent have been so fortunate to take care of themselves.

Both the B.C. Liberal and federal government are raking in tons of money from over-taxing the average income earners throughout this country.

I’m curious, whose pockets are being lined with all these tax dollars?

I feel both the federal Conservative and B.C. Liberal governments should get their priorities straight. Both governments need to work together to bring about improvements:

Pension reform is long overdue – seniors, often widows or widowers, need adequate housing, enough money to cover food, clothing, and medical expenses.

I feel seniors should live with dignity and should not have to skip meals to pay for basic needs.

No one wants to see their grandparent live on the street.

Health care funding also needs to be improved and increased so it actually covers patient care.

What this country needs is a modern day Tommy Douglas – a man who believed in self-dignity, the right to adequate housing, health care, education, and all things positive for the working class.

There is no equal opportunity in this country anymore, as it has gone by the wayside.

If we stand together, we can make a difference.

Never underestimate the voice of the people.

Marie Robson

Maple Ridge