Candidate should seek nomination on own merits

NDP hopeful should denounce policy

Re: Next NDP candidate won’t be a white man (The News, Aug. 5).

Well, well, well – the NDP has a closed-door policy regarding straight, white men running in a riding where the incumbent decides not to run again.

How convenient for those who would otherwise never make the grade.

As such, Elizabeth Rosenau has decided to take a shot at this riding. What puzzles me is the fact she has said, “Former cabinet ministers and MLAs … feel I have the right stuff.”

If that’s the case, why does she need a leg up on white, straight men?

If you have the right stuff, and that is the consensus of former cabinet ministers and MLAs, she should not need the preferential treatment.

I applaud Ms. Rosenau for making the decision because she thinks she can right some injustices. (Her daughter shot and arrested in Toronto, protesting peacefully at the G-20 summit).

However, Ms. Rosenau is in for a rude awakening when she gets to the legislature – only to find she can do nothing to help those who suffer injustice at the hands of the police. Not even the expert in the field, Cameron Ward, can right the injustices that are dealt out by the police.

If she is truly concerned about injustices in society then she will publicly denounce this policy of the NDP and run on her own merits.

If she is, as her friends say she is, she shall have no problem – but not because she is a woman.

Mike Boileau,

Maple Ridge