City of Pitt Meadows can’t do nothing

Needs to act before another tragedy occurs, which would lead to questions

Editor, The News:

Re: Angry over new dog leash rule (Letters, Oct. 29).

Julie Bennett believes that the dog control bylaw’s new amendment regarding retractable leashes should be overturned because she and her husband are responsible dog owners.

She is only speaking regarding herself rather than the whole community.

There are some irresponsible dog owners in Pitt Meadows and the surrounding area who are unfortunately ruining the freedom for responsible dog owners. It is also a natural reaction for most individuals to regard themselves as responsible dog owners.

Mrs. Bennett also believes that is unfair to target all dogs in this amendment, as her dog is a good girl and is not aggressive toward other dogs or people. This retractable leash amendment is not directed at all dogs. It has been instated for dogs that are deemed ‘dangerous.’

It is very possible that your dog is not aggressive to other dogs, but it could also be that your dog has not been exposed to a specific behavior that will provoke it.

The last point was that this amendment is being made over one single incident. Mrs. Bennett believes that more incidents should occur, that more dogs or people need to be bit before an amendment is put in place. This may have been a reactionary amendment the follows after that dog was attacked and killed by another dog, but this was not the only incident that has occurred. This amendment was based on many incidents that have occurred in Pitt Meadows regarding dogs attacking people or other dogs while not on a leash.

The City of Pitt Meadows can’t wait around and take no action.

If there is another incident regarding an attack the city would be getting questions about why they did not take action.

E. Blower

Maple Ridge