City should advise where signs can go

Editor, The News:

Re: Pitt Meadows takes down anti-HST signs (The News, June 15).

I am a Pitt Meadows resident and I’m wondering what the reason was for the removal of the anti-HST signs in Pitt Meadows.

During elections there are lots of political signs erected along boulevards, medians, roadsides; how is the anti-HST signage different?

When the signs were removed did the city tell Corisa  Bell where she could place them; a simple courtesy.  Surely there must be an approved location?

Kindly consider this  my complaint against the person who complained that the signs should come down.

I’d like to see the city extend a courtesy to Ms. Bell and advise her where she can place the signs and I’d like to see them back up so that my right to be informed and make a choice is represented along with those taking the opposing view.

Izabella Roam

Pitt Meadows