Clean up after trimming lawn

Sidewalks along Kanaka Way left a mess after yard work.

Editor, The News:

While out on my Saturday morning jog, I was on the east sidewalk of Kanaka Way and also on the north side of 104th Avenue, both of these areas had some weed cutting done.

Both sidewalks had been left in a mess with the debris spread over many parts of the sidewalks and also on the road against the curb.

I found this disgusting. Do I need to come and show people how to do a proper job?

Step 1: walk the area and pick up any paper, plastic and other garbage so that when mowing or weed whacking, the garbage doesn’t  get cut up in smaller pieces and spread around.

Step 2: mow or weed whack.

Step 3: sweep or blow the debris off the sidewalks and streets back on to the mowed area.

I would like the mayor or anyone on council or the head of municipal works to tell me if they think this kind of workmanship is acceptable. If they do, then in my opinion we have the wrong people managing this municipality.

Maybe we should just take our grass clippings etc. and spread them on the sidewalk of 224th Street, across from Memorial Peace Park? But this would not be tolerated.

So why is it allowed somewhere else on a public sidewalk?

I don’t want to hear excuses. The correct response would be that this will not happen in future.

The municipality does not like sediment to be washed into the storm system – but plant debris is OK?

Garnet Schneider

Maple Ridge