Coun. Becker the Mad Hatter or Cheshire Cat?

Editor, The News:

Re: More questions for Pitt councillors (The News, July 20).

It is quite clear when taking the oath for Pitt Meadows council that those elected must disclose any conflicts of interest.

It is up to individuals to be forthright and disclose any direct or indirect pecuniary interests.

Now that the issue has been clarified about contracts, what fool would repeat the recent insurance contract?

This issue can be made doubly clear with new councillors during the professional development they receive. No need for any ‘cleaning house,’ as the finance department has checked and found no such issues with Coun. John Becker.

Those who have announced or are thinking about running for council or school board should be able to take all the information into account before putting their names forward for any position.

Think about the time commitment –it’s much more than a few meetings a month, and they are difficult to attend if you are not self-employed as many take place during the day.

I wonder again, however, at Coun. Becker’s description of “Alice In Wonderland world of local politics.”

Zip the lip. You not doing yourself any favours.

Why Coun. Becker chosen to run for mayor when it is obvious he disdains local politics. Federal or provincial level would obviously be a better fit. I guess the time just isn’t right.

What character will Coun.  Becker play in Alice in Wonderland’? Will it be the Mad Hatter? Perhaps the March Hare? Or the smug Cheshire Cat?

No intentions on my part to seek any political positions– people watching is more fun.

Annette Code

Pitt Meadows