Council does not deserve pay increase

Editor, The News:

Re: Ridge council votes for raise (The News, July 29).

I must commend Couns. Mike Morden and Cheryl Ashlie for standing against the tide of greed when it comes to finding an excuse to accept unjustified raises for our mayor and council.

If anybody deserved a raise it is these two councillors, for understanding the mood of the people in these times of austerity.

Why does this mayor and council, Morden and Ashlie excepted, not listen to the very people who have elected them?

It appears some think more money is needed to attract quality candidates. I hear that stuff constantly. Obviously, we have not been able to attract quality candidates to this point, except for Morden and Ashlie.

Council has failed to reduce our residential tax burden, as it has constantly been increased.

Only quality people can realize that taxpayers are stretched to the brink and they would know it is not a time for tax increases to pay for these salaries.

Members of council do not deserve a pay increase until taxes are reduced.

They should be paid based on performance.

Mike Boileau

Maple Ridge