Councillor courageous for speaking on wages

Letter defending local mayor and city councillors.

Editor, The News:

Regarding the recent letters under the headline, “We accept your resignation,” (The News, March 14.)

These are very negative and, in my opinion, rather mean-spirited.

The online comments are mostly just sour grapes from the perennial losers of the last 10 municipal elections.

Coun. Al Hogarth was stating the facts when he spoke of the financial loss he accepts and was using it to illustrate why he supports a raise. I didn’t hear him whining about it.

It takes courage to hold and defend an unpopular point of view. I don’t think anybody runs for public office with a view to the salary.

I have met four of the present councillors including Coun. Hogarth and Mayor Ernie Daykin and I am glad to have these experienced people working for us. I think it costs each taxpayer in Maple Ridge less than $10 a year to pay our mayor and council salaries. That is a screaming deal; our mayor is an experienced businessman with long community service.

We have four experienced councillors with similar resumes, and we have two new but talented and enthusiastic councillors representing the next generation, so what is the problem here?

I also think that one realtor on council has to be a good thing. Who else with an understanding of finance and development drives around the whole community meeting people and having their pulse on what is happening?

We taxpayers are lucky in this town to have good government. Enough of fighting the last election.

John Todd

Maple Ridge