Dalton and Hawes should blame themselves

Editor, The News:

Re: Dalton recall ‘frivolous’ (Letters, March 2).

I fail to see why anyone is surprised that MLA Randy Hawes would try dismissing the Done with Dalton recall campaign.

He has a long history of treating issues of great importance to his constituents as insignificant.

He did not give much weight to the highly-valued local medical services when his government downsized the Mission Memorial Hospital and he remained silent.

Good quality, early childhood education was called an unaffordable ‘cadillac’ service by Mr. Hawes a few years ago. He certainly does not see the investment in young children as important.

Repealing the HST for the way it shifts more taxes onto families and puts an increased burden on those with fixed incomes is also extremely important to people in this riding.

Collecting taxes on bikes and school supplies, but not on business office supplies goes against the values of most family-oriented people.

Addressing the deceptive way the Liberals introduced the HST to this province is not insignificant to those people from all political backgrounds who still aspire to elect trustworthy political leaders.

Rather than blame the recall campaigners for trying to re-fight the last election, Mr. Dalton and Mr. Hawes should blame themselves for not being more truthful with voters in the last campaign.

Fortunately for us, Mr.  Hawes has no real power to dismiss the recall campaign of his colleague and perhaps one day of himself.  His standby technique cannot work in this case.

Verity Howarth

Maple Ridge


Just posturing

Editor, The News:

Re: Dalton recall ‘frivolous’ (Letters, March 2).

The campaign to recall Maple Ridge- Mission MLA Marc Dalton is, at best, a waste of time, effort and money.

At its worst, it is nothing more than posturing by political wannabees.

The electorate will be asked to vote in the HST plebiscite to be held as early as June of this year.

We will also be going to the polls in a general provincial election within the next two years, at most.

The costs of the general provincial election and the provincial HST plebiscite will be significant and deserve all the energy we can muster without having to consider a by-election, the coming municipal election and a probable federal general election.

To add to these important issues, a campaign to recall Mr. Dalton is redundant.

A successful recall campaign and the subsequent by-election it would necessitate is pointless.

The by-election would be followed within a year by a general election, which would start the entire electoral process over.

Lest we tire of constant campaigning, let’s save our political energy for the HST plebiscite, the probable federal election, the municipal election and the next provincial general election.

Sandy Macdougall

Maple Ridge


A good man

Editor, The News:

Re: Dalton recall ‘frivolous’ (Letters, March 2).

Recently, I heard Marc Dalton had been asked, “what have you done for the community.” I thought, I can answer that question.

One day, about three years ago, I went to buy groceries in Maple Ridge.  There, outside the store entrance on this cold winter night, was Marc Dalton, standing by the Salvation Army kettle, with his wife Marlene.

I wasn’t surprised to see them there together, ringing the Christmas bells of charity.  In the year that followed, Marc and Marlene asked me if I would like to join them one Saturday evening, as they were going to be outdoors, comforting the homeless. They explained that we could offer food, a caring word, or just listen, to let the most needy among us know someone really cared.

The Daltons have worked together in the community, tirelessly, for many years. I think the people of Maple Ridge and Mission are very lucky to be represented by a man of real integrity and compassion like Mr. Dalton. Anyone who questions his devotion to the well-being of others, and his community, should take notice, for he leads by example. How many politicians are literally out there on our streets, giving their free time to comfort others?

Those questioning his service record, or wanting a change in leadership, should be careful what they wish for.  Mr. Dalton is a rare breed in today’s political arena and we need more dedicated men and women like him in political office, and on our streets.

Gail Payeur

Maple Ridge