Dalton recall ‘frivolous’

Editor, The News:Re: Done with Dalton recall campaign continues (The News, Feb. 25).Corisa Bell cites a number of reasons she believes justify a recall campaign against Marc Dalton, MLA Maple Ridge-Mission. While I believe all of them are false, I also believe there is a bigger issue here.Recall legislation was originally intended to remove an MLA for malfeasance and not to refight an election.  Ms. Bell may not like Mr. Dalton, but there has been no malfeasance.  She and her group simply see an opportunity to refight an election. Given the comments of NDP president Moe Sihota, that NDP members should become involved in pushing recalls, clearly this is a politically driven movement.The real shame is that every one of these costs all of us in the range of $600,000.  If one were ever successful, you can add about a million dollars to that to pay for a by-election.I wonder how many hip operations could be completed with those funds. Too bad there couldn’t be any financial responsibility put back on those who would push these types of politically driven frivolous recalls.Randy Hawes, MLAAbbotsford-Mission