Difference ‘public’ vs. ‘private’

Letter writer says Coun. Corisa Bell showed poor judgement.

Editor, The News:

Re: No need to ring alarm Bell (Letters, Jan. 29).

I read with interest the various letters regarding Coun. Corisa Bell’s expenses.

I am surprised at those from some supporters who try hard to convince others that paying for a gala ticket for her daughter’s “private” school is appropriate and no different than hospital or park fundraisers.

These comparisons won’t fool the majority of voters as the other noted fundraising examples are, of course, “public” not “private” in nature.

Why should taxpayers help pay for her daughter’s private education?

This is a conflict, period.

It is the principle here and shows very poor judgment.

Also troubling is that Coun. Bell exceeded the allowable expense limit.

This isn’t acceptable even if you are new. It shows a disregard for taxpayers.

The attendance at Whistler and Harrison Hot Springs conferences also does not help Coun. Bell’s credibility.

It is troubling that yet again we have another politician who tries to defend her actions rather than acknowledge a mistake.

She simply doesn’t get it.

K. Smith

Maple Ridge

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