Don’t be part of the silent majority

Letter writer says write a letter to the paper if you don't get anywhere by complaining to authorities

Editor, The News:

Re: Just poor bedside manner? (Parenting, Nov.25).

Yes, the staff in that doctor’s office had bad bedside manners, but why did you let this happen? You where there to stand up for this elderly lady. Never mind if this was your mother or not, all you had to do is go up to the receptionist and say, “Excuse me, this elderly lady is waiting here already for a long time, can you please check to see why she is still waiting?”

You do not have to become rude, even when you feel like it. Just be polite and make sure that they know you mean it.

If we do nothing, then we are part of the problem. There is nothing wrong by letting them know that this is not okay.

Please do not be one of the many silent majority. There are already too many of them. Then if you do not get anywhere, you write a letter to the paper.

Geeske de Boer

Pitt Meadows