Don’t ignore new adjudication

Editor, The News:

Re: Why getting rid of all the signs? (Letters, April 22).

Laura Cherrille’s letter is an absolute must read for each and every citizen of Maple Ridge.

This story mirrors countless others that regularly appear on the Facebook group sight Maple Ridge Bylaws.

The group was formed by Deb and Dan Brookes, who have been ordered by the bylaws department to remove their over-length RV from their residential property or face a $250 fine.

Ms. Cherrille describes her own harrowing experience with a bylaw officer so clearly that it begs the question: Just what the heck is going on here?

I, like hundreds of others, am absolutely appalled, ashamed, and offended with the way in which the good people of Maple Ridge are being treated by the bylaws office, particularly in the past few months.

Since when do we treat honest, hard-working, decent, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens worse than the lowest common criminals?

It has come to my attention through the Facebook group (Maple Ridge Bylaws) that a movement is under foot to put into place a very controversial new approach to bylaw enforcement called an adjudication process. This is not something Maple Ridge citizens should ignore.

It is extremely controversial. Council is planning to try to slip it in under the radar. It will further strip away any rights of property owners regarding bylaw enforcement.  If you think you are in compliance with all of the bylaws, prepare yourself for a shock.

Just a few examples of  bylaws many are not aware of: no tents, not even for the kids, allowed on your property, that includes your back yard; a height restriction of two metres for our beautiful cedar hedges, many of which give us privacy in our back yards and provide an attractive buffer from busy streets.

It disgusts me that the bylaws office has chosen to go after the Ridge Meadows Hospice Thrift Store over a little rented mobile sign.

As the letter writer points out, the hospice store is a non-profit organization that raises money for palliative care, grief counselling and supportive services for our community.

Susan Webb

Maple Ridge