Education to ‘hell’

Liberal MLA has absolutely no intention of listening to parents

Editor, The News:

Re: Rally for education funding (The News, May 14).

As parent to a 10-year-old daughter, who is the centre of my life, I attended the May 9 parent-led rally at MLA Marc Dalton’s office to advocate for increased funding for public education in B.C.

I was pleasantly surprised when Mr. Dalton actually showed up to speak. As soon as he opened his mouth, however, my pleasant feelings evaporated faster than water in hell.

Despite saying that he cares about public education in B.C., Mr. Dalton had absolutely no intention of actually hearing what we had to say. He was not listening to understand, but simply listening to respond.

And respond he did, spewing rhetoric and defending the deplorable actions of his government, placing the need for financial restraint over the future of our province: our children. When asked about government funding for private schools, his response was that those students deserve a decent education, too. Yes, they do, and that is why their parents pay thousands of dollars each year for it.

He even had that gall to say every child in B.C. has the choice to go to private school, if they wish. Even those who must buy their clothes at Value Village and collect their weekly groceries at the food bank? Oh, yes, I forgot that Mr. Dalton doesn’t choose to believe that poverty exists in Maple Ridge.

I left the rally frustrated and defeated. This man has no interest in the future of public education in B.C.  In fact, when I learned that Mr. Dalton is still employed with School District No. 42, on a leave of absence, it was crystal clear to me that the only future he is concerned with his own.

Knowing his limitations, I ask Mr. Dalton only one thing:  resign your position as a teacher in Maple Ridge. Frankly, it is disdainful to think that you could return to educating our children.

Penelope Morgan

Maple Ridge