Fix or finish Albion traffic circle for people’s safety

Need new sidewalks on downhill portion at Jackson Road

Editor, The News:

I’ve become very uncomfortable with the lack of provisions for pedestrians at the new traffic circle in Albion.

This replaced a proven three-way intersection at 102nd Avenue and Jackson Road.

I have spoken to many  residents of Thornhill and Albion and by all accounts there has never been an excessive amount of multiple vehicle accidents at the old three-way intersection.

Finish the sidewalks on the downhill side of this spot. I see there are wonderful new sidewalks at the upper Jackson Farm development, where there isn’t any pedestrian traffic.

There is absolutely no proper, safe place for pedestrians to walk on these sides of the traffic circle, like there was before it was built.

Fix or finish it. Give the residents a sidewalk before someone gets injured or killed.

Andrew G. Dondo

Maple Ridge