MLA Doug Bing thinks allowing Cliff camp made problems worse

MLA Doug Bing thinks allowing Cliff camp made problems worse

Get tent city under control

Many looked healthy, able to work, so who are these people?

Editor, The News:

We’ve recently moved from Burnaby to Maple Ridge and the other day I saw your tent city. I don’t believe the people I saw today were: mentally ill, elderly, frail or unemployable.

On the contrary, I saw able-bodied men and women who looked like they were enjoying  a day camping, eating cereal and looking clean and presentable. One woman left the city in a nice summer dress, looking like she was on her way to work.

The tent city is going to continue to grow with the summer weather and the free camping for transients.  Who are the people staying there? Are they from Maple Ridge or have they just arrived to take advantage of the situation?

Who is monitoring and accountable to verify who these people are, where they are from and what their needs are?

If you haven’t identified something as basic as who these people are, how can you know how to address the problem?

C. Nelson

Maple Ridge


C’mon, Doug

Editor, The News:

Re: ‘No quick fix for homelessness’  (The News, June 26).

I never heard Mayor Nicole Read claim that she would end homelessness in Maple Ridge. But she did state that she would make the homeless issue a priority. And she is living up to that. That’s laudable.

What has MLA Doug Bing done?

He suggests, “If someone was to rent out a secondary suite for a homeless person that would be one less homeless person on the street”.

But he’s not offering to do that himself.  He’s suggesting you do it.

C’mon, Doug. Lead the charge. Rent a room in your house man. Why not. I’ve read: it’s the responsibility of those in positions of political influence to at least try to make a change. That’s obviously why Read is here with us. Why are you there, Doug?

Grant Baker

Maple Ridge