Goats should eat roof of pump station

Brand new Metro Vancouver building a 'monstrosity'

Editor, The News:

Just got back after several months out of country and drove by the vaunted pumping station at Dewdney Trunk Road and Lougheed Highway.

Not only is it the ugliest edifice in the district, the builders made it even uglier by growing what appears to be crabgrass on the roof.

Lucky homeowners in the area will have the dubious privilege of looking out their windows at this monstrosity in perpetuity.

At this point, it appears that the crabgrass is growing unrestrained.

Exactly how and when will the grass be trimmed?

Perhaps they could put a few goats up there to keep it down.

I’ve got to hand it to the planners, they can always be counted on for comic relief.

George Clarke

Maple Ridge