Good deed brings smile and tears

Good deeds occur few and far, but when they happen, they make an impact, says this letter writer.

Editor, The News:

Re: Broken lives (News Views, Feb. 8).

Good deeds occur few and far, but when they happen, they make an impact.

On Saturday, Feb. 9, at Thrifty Foods in Haney Place Mall, I was standing in line, waiting to pay for a few groceries. I am an elderly lady and due to recent health issues, I tire easily.

The cashier was having difficulties ringing through an item for another lady who was two customers in front of me, and apologized to all the customers in line for the delay.

Once the problem at the till was fixed and the line started moving again, the gentleman in front of me whispered something to the cashier, and before I knew it, she started ringing through my items with the gentleman’s in front of me. I spoke up to fix the error, but to my surprise, the cashier informed me that the gentleman was going to pay for my transaction with his. Along with the gentlemen paying for my groceries, the cashier was also kind enough to pay for a reusable bag for myself.

This has never happened to me and I was taken aback. This random act of kindness brought me to tears, along with the cashier. It was not a large transaction, but it lifted my spirits to know that there are good people out there who have a sense of kindness. I cannot thank this stranger enough for his kind actions. I want to share this and at the very least hope this story brings a smile to your face.

Doris Epp

Maple Ridge