Grateful to Julie at J&M Acres

Editor, The News:

<a href=””>Re: Adele: the $12,000 miracle horse (The News, Feb. 10).</a>

Our family was fortunate to have bought a horse from J&M Acres in 2003. My Knight Out, who we affectionately call Jenny, was a three-year-old standard bred mare who, while more than sufficiently fast for us, was too slow to race.

Her future was looking bleak when Julie MacMillan saw her at an auction and later told us she had a lot of promise. She has been nothing but patient and sweet, although she does have an innate desire to run. And run fast.  She puts up with whatever we send her way, whether it be my husband Matt hopping on her bareback for a ride, a group of school children who want to pet her, or a donkey as a stablemate.

Recently, Jenny has learned how to drive and pulls a late 19th Century cart.  She has been good for our family and we have been good for her.  We are forever thankful for the sweet mare Julie brought home.

D. Laity

Maple Ridge