Had enough of constant parade of prostitutes in downtown Maple Ridge

As resident writes letter, another sex trade worker soliciting passing vehicle

Editor, The News:

As a homeowner at the corner of 223rd Street and 119th Avenue, my family and my neighbours have had  to endure the spectacle of the many prostitutes, their prospective customers and their drug dealers constantly parading up and down 223rd Street at all hours of the day and night and soliciting family members, their friends and neighbours.

I even witnessed an altercation between someone photographing their activities and a local resident who must support these illegal endeavors.

My neighbours have complained for years about this problem, and as far as I know, there has been only one ‘sting’ operation in the 10 years that we have lived here.

We and our neighbours have had enough and want something to be done about it. The local businesses can’t seem to keep them out of the various alcoves and doorways of their properties, which in the good ol’ days used to mean trespassing and loitering  on private property.

Even as I’m writing this there is one ‘working’ woman soliciting passing vehicles.

Wayne Minett

Maple Ridge