Haney Bypass needs help

Letter writer would like to see Haney Bypass widened with a light at 227th Street.

Editor, The News:

We live next to the intersection of 227th Street and the Haney Bypass.

Daily we have to listen to screeching tires and car horns as drivers playing chicken trying to make a left-hand turn from the by-pass into 227th St.

Last week, a horrific thump told us that, this time, another driver had misjudged the speed and distance of the oncoming traffic and didn’t make it.

There was the usual confusion, people rushing to help the involved drivers of a small SUV and a five-ton truck, courageous private citizens trying to direct the by-then heavy rush hour traffic, someone phoning 911.

The stunned drivers were still in their vehicles when a fire started in the car.

From the sidelines, we were watching as a young man tried to put it out with water, which, of course, didn’t work.

I ran back to our garage and, being unable to yank the fire extinguisher off the wall, grabbed a small one from our car and ran back (no small feat for an 80-year old) and handed it to the young man.

As he was trying to open it, another driver arrived with a bigger one and put the fire out.

As the minutes passed, we were waiting for any kind of emergency help to arrive, but could see that nobody seemed to be seriously hurt.

The fire truck arrived in 10 minutes, the ambulance in 20, and a lonely police officer in an unmarked car in 30.

We don’t know why the delay. There could be an explanation. But all stations are located only a few minutes from here, so we find this unacceptable.

When a more serious accident happened a few months ago, it took over 30 minutes for the ambulance to arrive.

The motorcycle driver later died.

Our complaints are multiple.

We need a traffic light at that intersection, and especially the bypass should be widened.

The speed limit should be lowered.

We have lived here since 1992 and find that the traffic must have at least tripled or more since then.

The heavy traffic hardly ever stops, only between two and three during the night does it let up.

When the Golden Ears Bridge opened, we had hoped that a lot of the traffic, especially big trucks and tractor trailers, would go that route. But, no, they are trying to avoid paying the toll and come across the Mission bridge and through Maple Ridge.

What does it take for our politicians and people in charge of traffic and transport to make some decisions to make our province more liveable for ordinary citizens?

Obviously, it takes somebody with guts to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ without worrying where the next vote comes from.

I think I speak for all people living and driving along the by-pass.

In the meantime, I would suggest that drivers, especially the seniors, avoid the bypass when going east. Stay on the highway and turn right into 227th St. at the casino if you value your life.

Doris Buxton

Maple Ridge