Hard to sit inside and not be able to walk safely

Editor, The News:

Re: Not enough police on roads is problem (Letters, July 15).

Many seniors cross at the newly installed crosswalk at 121 Avenue. A pedestrian operated light on 224th Street would protect seniors, of which I am one.

But because of the volume of people who would take advantage of it, traffic could back up on 224th Street.

I firstly must thank all the drivers who notice us and stop. We usually wave to thank them.

However, there are others who are not so considerate. Last week I was sitting out on my balcony, which is on 224th Street, and I heard the squeal of brakes, then a driver yelled out – ‘get off the streets you old …’

I wish I could have gotten the license plate number

There is no doubt that we have an aging population in Maple Ridge, many with disabilities. It is hard to sit inside and not be able to get out and walk safely.

I don’t know what the answer is, and if I did, I would be hounding council to improve things. Some say it is a lack of police presence, but can we really afford a policeman to be on 224th Street 24/7?

Bob Kerfoot

Maple Ridge


No problem?

Editor, The News:

Re: Not enough police on roads is problem (Letters, July 15).

I have been trying for a couple years to get the municipality and police to do something about speeding vehicles on our street (Creekside), to no avail.

The RCMP eventually came out and sat on the side of the road for 15 minutes in a marked car. Of course, as soon as  drivers see a police car, they slow down. So the officer’s conclusion was that the speed was within reason.

Too bad the officer wasn’t able to be more inconspicuous as then he would have seen the real picture. But then again, you only see what you want to see.

So the conclusion is there is no problem, at least until one of our kids is hit while playing road hockey.

J. Doyle

Maple Ridge