Tina Ranger and Doc did endurance rides together.

Tina Ranger and Doc did endurance rides together.

Heart hurts for Doc

Tina Ranger misses Doc, who was killed in a lightning strike in September

Editor, The News:

Doc ‘As Noted,’ May 7, 1997 – Sept. 5, 2013.

My buddy, my steady confident companion left this earth in a tragic flash of lightning, and my heart hurts for the loss.

I met Doc after his seven-year career as a harness race horse.

I volunteered at Greener Pastures after the loss of my previous horse, Cleo, to remain connected with horses.

Greener Pastures is a registered non-profit charitable organization that finds homes for Standardbreds donated by racing owners. (www.greener-pastures.ca).

I was the first to ride Doc. He stood still, gave me his trust and over the past several years did so time and time again.

He survived a serious injury while trail riding that required lengthy stall rest and much care.

He also survived being swept one way down the river while I went the other, and he survived the race track.

Sadly, he did not survive lightning.

Mainly, Doc was my big animal friend. I could take anywhere, trust with anyone, including small children.

We did endurance rides with success, went camping, trail riding, and he was learning to jump.

If he were a human, he would have been the best kind of human.

The best tribute to my boy would be to donate to an organization that helps horses or adopt a horse from one.

There are great people and places that take in these horses, and need your help.

Tina C. Ranger

Maple Ridge